Acting is Fun

Join the Acting is Fun Class with professional producer and casting director Chris Gilmore, and Leo Gilmore. There is a new class theme monthly, with skills like; comedy improv, scripted scene study, dramatic scene study, method acting techniques, audition and cold-reading, scene breakdown technique/expanding your imagination, creating cool characters for movies and television, and commercial technique.

I'm available for private online tutoring!

Class Schedule

Class size 3-20 students
Grade range Grades 9-12
Supplies N/A

Teacher Profile

Chris Gilmore

As a producer in the entertainment industry and as an acting coach of over 30 years, I love bringing new creative minds forward and building the confidence of our kids and teens who are the future of our world and if it is their choice, of the entertainment industry. My passion is to teach our students to spread their creative wings and soar. Having been a child star, and having been taught by the best teachers, I know the joy of creating great characters and using the imagination to the max as an actor. As a mom of a "homeschooler" I know the great value of acting skills, reading, memorization skills, and the social skills and confidence that our acting classes have brought to my students and to my son (who has now co-directed his first feature film.) Plus, the classes are a lot of FUN!


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