Elementary Math

Advanced Number Systems

3-10 students Elementary Math General Math Concepts Math Foundations Pre-Algebra

This class will cover advanced concepts in the number system. We will study positive and negative numbers, absolute value, the 4-quadrant graph, and apply this to real-world examples.

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Jan. 5, 2022 - Feb. 16, 2022

Cost $180

Grades 4-8

Meets One time for 6 weeks on Wednesday

Time 11:15AM - 12:10PM PST

Class Description

These concepts build on the knowledge of the number system learned in elementary school and are essential for success in upper-level math classes such as Algebra. We will start with the basics and build toward solving more complex problems as they relate to real-life applications. In this class, we will present concepts and follow that with a dialogue about those concepts that encourages students to conceptualize and internalize problem-solving skills. Students will be actively engaged in solving problems with real-world applications.

I will focus on instilling positivity and confidence in students, along with open communication and encouragement to ask questions, take chances, and even be incorrect sometimes! Whether learning these concepts for the first time or taking this class as a review, students will complete this class with the fundamentals necessary for success in future math courses.

Additional Information

Class size 3-10 students

Pencil, paper, internet access.

Prerequisites Students in this class should be proficient through a 3rd grade level of math.

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About the Instructor

Heather Vargas

Heather Vargas has 25 years experience in teaching, 19 of those homeschooling her 5 children. Two are in college now - the first is pursuing degrees in physics and global studies at UC Berkeley and the second is studying political science and psychology at San Diego State, while the youngest ones are still homeschooled. Having attended UCLA for undergraduate and graduate school and earning a degree in molecular and cellular biology, science and math are a specialty. After many years of creating and teaching her own homeschool curriculum, she is able to supply and teach curriculum in all subjects.

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