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Class Schedule

Starts Sept. 8, 2021
Cost $80
Grades 7-12
Meets One time for 4 weeks on Wednesday
Time 3:30PM - 4:25PM PST
Starts Oct. 6, 2021
Cost $80
Grades 7-12
Meets One time for 4 weeks on Wednesday
Time 3:30PM - 4:25PM PST
Starts Nov. 3, 2021
Cost $120
Grades 7-12
Meets One time for 6 weeks on Wednesday
Time 3:00PM - 3:55PM PST
Starts Aug. 4, 2021
Cost $80
Grades 7-12
Meets One time for 4 weeks on Wednesday
Time 12:00PM - 12:55PM PST

Class Description

We will go over technique, reading, rhythm, chords, theory, scales, and songs! By the end of the 8 weeks each student will have a solid foundation for the instrument, with good habits for future progress. They will learn a new riff every week totaling 8-10 riffs for the class and have 2-3 full songs that they can play from start to finish. I will assess the general level of the students on the first day and then I will create a specific curriculum based on the needs of the class. Here is a general outline of what will be covered:

Week 1

-Parts of the instrument

-how to hold the instrument

-establishing effective strumming and picking technique

-an introduction to the the musical alphabet

-how to read tablature

-setup Music Prodigy

-some fun riffs

Week 2

-the five open major chords

-the three open minor chords

-how to listen to the chord changes and form of a song

-natural notes

-new riff

Week 3

-Each student will choose an open chord song to work on and we will compare the form and chords of each persons songs

-introduction to rhythm: whole, half, quarter, eighth, measures


-We will also reinforce the topics covered in the previous weeks

-new riff

Week 4

-work on the intro/verse of the song

-further develop a sense of rhythm

-learn power chords

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

Week 1b

-Work on the chorus/bridge of the song and transitioning

-introduction to standard notation

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

Week 2b

-put the song together as a whole

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

-new reading example

Week 3b

-address any sticking points with the song

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

-new reading example

Week 4b

-show how they can apply what they've learned to other songs

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

-new reading example

This class may be considered for elective credit for high school students. Please submit to your charter school for final approval.

Additional Information

Class size 3-5 students

Students will need the following items

  1. A device with a webcam
  2. wifi
  3. A guitar
  4. Zoom
  5. Create a Music Prodigy account

About the Instructor

Mike Georgia

I love meeting new students and seeing them progress. It is always a pleasure to help them learn a skill that they will enjoy for their lifetime.

For the last 20 years Mike Georgia has been an accomplished professional musician doing performance and production work in Los Angeles. Specializing in guitar excellence, Mike’s passion for music spills into music education where he proudly created the Rock Prodigy instructional curriculum, packaged with Fender products, sold and distributed through Guitar Center. He is also a major contributor to the Music Prodigy practice and assessment tool widely used in major school districts. Mike is a graduate of the Musician’s Institute.


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