American Literature

4-15 students General Language Arts Literature

This literature class will cover 2 books, The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men. Students will read and interpret the books based on their own experiences and relate them to issues of today.

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AMERICAN LITERATURE SYLLABUS Sonn Eidem High School English. Welcome to American Literature. This will be a fun class because we get to The Great Gatsby and Of Mice and Men. We will be reading a chapter a week starting with The Great Gatsby. and taking quizzes over the materials throughout the semester. Along with the quizzes, we will be writing a journal of our weekly reading, where you write down your thoughts, opinions and feelings about what you read. These Books can be found online or checked out at a local library. Cheap copies can be found for purchase as well, no need to get an expensive copy. A cheap copy is good if purchased then students can mark up the chapter. CLASSROOM RULES-----BE NICE. These are really simple. Treat others with respect and dignity beyond how you expect to be treated. Be able to laugh at yourself so you can laugh at others. Enjoy expressing your ideas without being ridiculed and never ridicule others. HOMEWORK------YES, YOU WILL HAVE SOME! We will be completing assignments and doing homework. Homework will consist of the chapter readings and writing in your journals plus other work might be assigned from time to time. CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR---EXPECTATIONS AND ATTITUDE When you come to class, I want your best for that day. We all have lousy days, but in here, you have a chance to leave all of that at the door and enjoy 60 minutes of safe, fun, intelligent engagement with a teacher who cares about you and fellow students. Do not drag into class looking to sink someone else into your lousy mood. That is the easy excuse to not excel. Walk into the room looking to make it a better world! Another positive attitude I want to see is you getting involved in class. When I hear students say, “I’m bored,” in class, I ask them what have they done for the past minutes. If the answer is nothing, then I know they are bored because they choose to be bored. Here are some helpful hints to fight boredom. 1. Read what you need to in class. 2. Use any time you can to complete tasks. 3. Apply what you are learning to your life 4. Ask questions/take notes. CLASS SUPPLIES You MUST have a notebook and a pencil or blue/black pen for class every day. LET’S HAVE A GREAT SEMESTER!

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Class size 4-15 students
Supplies Paper and pencil to take notes books can be found online for free or checked out at a local library or may be purchased for cheap online if you choose that route.
Prerequisites none

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