Art Basics for Beginners

2-12 students Drawing

Think drawing is a gift that comes naturally?

Learn the basics of drawing while completing fun and exciting colorful projects!

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Beginning Art will take young students on a creative journey to discover that they can pick up a pencil and draw!

This class will introduce your child to the basic elements of shape and how to turn shape into form, using line and value.

Students will learn how to identify shapes and forms in every day objects, and draw them.

The students will learn how to practice correctly and see improvement instantly in their drawings.

They will learn how to create colorful and interesting subjects in a variety of backgrounds.

The pleasure of drawing is in the adventure itself!

Additional Information

Class size 2-12 students

Pencil, eraser, kneaded eraser, paper, (preferably a sketch pad), 9x12 Bristol paper, fine tip and chisel tip sharpie’s (or equivalent) in assorted colors

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About the Instructor

Gina D'Elia

I’ve been teaching Private Art Lessons to Home School and Public School Students for 15+ yrs., in their homes, to the present day and have been a Home School Coach for 4 years. Apart from Private Art lessons, I teach at a Charter School offering Beginning Art, Art 1, and Art 2 classes. As well as, teaching 7 Art classes at a Private School, in West Hollywood, for 6-12 graders, in all mediums and subject matter.

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