Collage Scraps! From Picasso to NOW!

This class will begin first by looking at official collage by Pablo Picasso. We will then study Juan Gris, Hannah Hoch, Kurt Schitters, and Robert Rauschenberg. Art historical movements of Cubism, Dadaism, Surrealism, Pre-Pop of the 50s will be discussed in relationship to the art and in relationship to where we are now! We will make art work that will be fueled by our study and discussion.

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Class Schedule

Class size 3-12 students
Grade range Grades 2-3
Supplies Drawing paper, colored paper, random scraps of fabric, decorative paper, cardboard and/or wood. Charcoal, ink and white gouche (opaque watercolor paint).

Teacher Profile

Amy Thornberry

I truly feel that study of art, Spanish, and yoga will increase your experience of joy and beauty on this planet. I love teaching these subjects. I also love being a mom, and tending my garden with its many pets.


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