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This course covers advanced English communications for students of any age who can handle college preparatory material. It is designed to prepare students for university studies and for SAT, ACT, and TOEFL exams. This is an interest-driven class, with emphasis on innate language acquisition through immersion and emulation as well as an understanding of grammatical principles, stylistic issues and vocabulary choices. Students will amass a portfolio of work for use in admissions and applications.

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Writing and speaking skills and techniques are covered, and works of the masters of spoken and written English are studied. The list is flexible depending upon class enthusiasm but in the past has included Shakespeare, Swift, Dickens, Austen, J.S. Mill, Wilde, Shaw, Grahame, Wodehouse, Franklin, Jefferson, Paine, Lincoln, Twain, Fitzgerald, Churchill, King, Buckley, Baldwin, and many other surpassingly brilliant but less well known writers and orators. (It is worth noting that one finds among these greats a disproportionately large percentage of homeschoolers.) 

All works are provided or linked to in the online classroom.

College prep skills practiced will include note-taking, research and report writing, advanced vocabulary, language usage, comprehension, and grammar. Students will write college admission essays, persuasive essays, SAT essays and reports; prepare and deliver lectures and persuasive speeches; and engage in debate and discussion.

The class uses the one-room schoolhouse paradigm and includes two hours/week of interactive online classroom participation, personal instructor attention, extensive resources, graded compositions, moderated discussion forums, and chatrooms.

Text: SAT, ACT, TOEFL, College Prep English Practice by K. Titchenell. Many text, audio, and video recording resources will be used and provided free of charge.

Students will amass a portfolio of work for use in admissions and applications. 

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Class size 3-15 students

Computer, tablet, or phone with Internet access.  All resources will be provided. 



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About the Instructor

Denis Titchenell

Denis Titchenell is a retired college professor who homeschooled his girls through to college and has for years been teaching college prep classes to homeschoolers who want a better educational experience than public school can offer. He is also available to tutor grade school students ages 5+ in speech, vocabulary, writing, music and general knowledge.

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