Conversational Mandarin Chinese

This class is designed for beginners who want to learn the Mandarin Chinese language. The focus will be on conversation and can be used for everyday life. We will start with five tones of Chinese words (and yes, the tone can completely change the meaning of words). We will continue with numbers, greeting people in different situations, expressing appreciation and responding to a thank-you or an apology, asking for someone's name, introducing others, and expressing days of the week, months, and years. I believe that online classes can still be fun and interesting. I will facilitate a simple conversation between students and also teach words and phrases through singing songs.

I'm available for private online tutoring!

Class Schedule

Class size 3-12 students
Grade range Grades 2-3
Supplies Teacher will provide all materials.

Teacher Profile

Melody Chang-Johnson

Learning can be fun! It is wonderful to see kids' eyes light up when they master new language skills through games and fun activities. After homeschooling my kids, I became more humble and respectful of each child's unique learning style. I enjoy spending family time together with my husband, my two boys, and my dear parents.


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