Essay Writing

English 9/10: A-G*, Semester 1

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Class Schedule

Starts Sept. 7, 2021
Cost $500
Grades 9-10
Meets One time for 16 weeks on Tuesday
Time 10:00AM - 12:00PM PST

Class Description

English 9/10 is divided into four units, covering multiple genres and writings throughout history and an end of course portfolio. Students will analyze and discuss a variety of classical, contemporary, and informational literature, as well as write argumentative, informative, and narrative essays. Students will have opportunities to interact with the texts and writings, with their peers and instructor in group settings (if available), and independently throughout the course. Students in English 9/10 should read a variety of rich texts, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry, etc. Students will also focus on the writing process by working with graphic organizers, drafting, revising, conferencing, revising, and creating a final product.

*This class has been aligned to meet A-G requirements. Please submit the class syllabus to your charter school for final approval.

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Additional Information

Class size 3-10 students

Paper and pencil to take notes

Notebook for journaling

A copy of the class text for the first part of the semester

A copy of your personal choice text for the second part of the semester

About the Instructor

KB Brown

I believe that the relationship between teacher and student is the most important aspect of good education. I also believe in the importance of good questions to spark the mind of the student. I prefer discussions to lectures, and I aim to make classes and tutoring sessions student-centered and interactive.


Abby L.

on Feb. 6, 2021

Both of my sons (8th and 10th grade) love Dr. Brown. She's a retired Honors/AP English teacher that has the gift of teaching students how to think, analyze and express themselves. She listens. She challenges. She is frank, open and encouraging. She cares a lot and will send me updates on my son plus she tells me what I can do to help him excel. Her experience helps her to guide my boys in what they need to know and how to successfully approach essays writing assignments. And she knows how to communicate directions in a way that builds up, validates and inspires.

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