Forensic Science

While we explore Forensic Science, this class will cover the state standards for 8th grade Physical Science. I assign homework after each class to encourage deeper understanding of the material. Week 1: Scientific Reasoning & Communication 1.1: Thinking about Thinking 1.2: The Scientific Method Week 2: Measurement and Significant Units 2.1: Metric Units and Conversion 2.2: Metric Measuring Lab Week 3: What is Matter? 3.1: To Be or Not to Be Matter 3.2: Changes in Matter Week 4: Quiz, Understanding Research, and a Mystery! 4.1: Quiz and Understanding Research 4.2: Mystery: Was it Revenge? Week 5: Atomic Structure 5.1: What is an atom? 5.2: Structure of the atom Week 6: The Nature of Chemical Reactions 6.1: Periodic Table 6.2: How do elements match up? Week 7: Compounds and Mixtures 7.1: Mystery Substance 7.2: Mixtures and Compounds Week 8: Midterm and Eyewitness Testimony 8.1: What kind of witness are you? 8.2: Eyewitness Testimony Examples Week 9: Density 9.1: What is Density? 9.2 Measuring Density Week 10: Fluid Pressure 9.1: Air Pressure Lab 9.2: Buoyancy/ Case of the Sabotaged Boat Race Week 11: Blood Spatters 11.1: Types of Blood Spatters 11.2: Creating a Bloody Crime Scene Week 12: Crime Scene Basics / The Deadly Picnic 12.1: Crime Scene Basics 12.2: The Deadly Picnic Week 13: Acids and Bases Lab 13.1: What is Acid? What is a Base? 13.2: Acids and Bases Lab Week 14: Mock Trial 14.1:Case of the Stolen Car 14.2: Order in the Court! A verdict! Week 15: Final Project Prep and Fingerprint Lab 15.1: Final Project group planning and write-up. 15.2:Fingerprint Lab Week 16: Mock Trial 16.1 and 16.2:Trial Presentations

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Class Schedule

Starts Aug. 20, 2020
Cost $550
Grades 7-12
Meets Once A Week for 16 weeks on Thursday.
Time 1:00PM - 1:55PM PST

Class size 5-10 students
Supplies Instructor will provide materials to print or view as a PDF

Teacher Profile

Rebecca Scott

I've been teaching and tutoring for 20 years. During the past 3 years, I've focused on teaching STEM classes to Homeschool students. I can't imagine my life without the joy I get from interacting with students and parents.


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