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Class Description

All things music and guitar. I will customize the curriculum based on the interests and goals of the students. Depending on the group interests and skillsets we will cover everything from playing the instrument to composing, and recording music. All levels from intermediate to advanced welcome. All styles welcome: Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Folk, etc. We will cover a wide variety of subtopics like reading, theory, performance, recording, rhythm, and lead playing. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you on your musical journey.

On the first day I will assess the general level of each student and their "gaps" to best suit their needs. Here is a general outline of what will be covered:

Week 1

-Fundamentals review

  1. Musical alphabet
  2. Open chords
  3. Power chords
  4. Rhythm
  5. Riff

Make sure everyone is setup on Music Prodigy

-learn a riff

-reading example

Week 2

-Introduction to scales: Pentatonic and Blues

-guitar lick

-each student will pick a song to work on

-reinforce previous topics

-new reading example

Week 3

-Barre chords

-develop the song and song sections

-learn about rhtythm vs. lead guitar playing

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

-new lick

-new reading example

Week 4

-harmonized major scale

-continue to develop the song

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

-new lick

-new reading example

Week 5

-learn Going Down and Drifting Blues

-harmonized minor scale

-reinforce previous topics

-new reading example

Week 6

-showcase your songs

-Learn a solo for Going Down and Drifting Blues

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

-new reading example

Week 7

-pick a new song and go over how to work on it on their own

-Harmonized major scale 7th chords

-reinforce previous topics

-new riff

-new reading example

Week 8

-Review and clear up any sticking points

Additional Information

Class size 2-5 students

Students will need the following items

  • A device with a webcam
  • wifi
  • A guitar
  • Zoom
  • Create a Music Prodigy account
  • Access to google docs

About the Instructor

Mike Georgia

I love meeting new students and seeing them progress. It is always a pleasure to help them learn a skill that they will enjoy for their lifetime.

For the last 20 years Mike Georgia has been an accomplished professional musician doing performance and production work in Los Angeles. Specializing in guitar excellence, Mike’s passion for music spills into music education where he proudly created the Rock Prodigy instructional curriculum, packaged with Fender products, sold and distributed through Guitar Center. He is also a major contributor to the Music Prodigy practice and assessment tool widely used in major school districts. Mike is a graduate of the Musician’s Institute.


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