Critical Thinking

Personal Finance: Playing the Money Game

2-15 students Critical Thinking General Personal Finance

The class parents most often say they wish they had in high school! This is a fun game and simulation-based class that teaches the principles of personal finance in a memorable way.  

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Feb. 1, 2022 - April 26, 2022

Cost $300

Grades 7-12

Meets One time for 12 weeks on Tuesday

Time 11:00AM - 11:55AM PST

Class Description

Playing the money game is so much easier if you understand the rules! Learning the language and principles of personal finance enables students to start their adult life with a head start. In this class, we will be playing games like Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow and participating in simulations. These help put the students into real-life situations where they see what the consequences are to different actions.

I also have students participate in The Stock Market Game, a free online, real-time investing simulation where students invest $100,000 (not real money of course). I use this program to scratch the surface of investing, but it includes additional lessons that I will make available if they would like to go deeper.  Each week we will be charting students’ gains and losses. It is a safe and easy way to play the market.


This class was a game-changer for my teenaged daughter! To this day she and her husband use the principles taught in this class to govern the money management in their little family. The information presented is relevant and useful to apply every single day. Heidi does a great job presenting the information in an interesting and engaging format. 10/10 Would definitely recommend! -Kerrie Fairchild

All classes are recorded and stored on a private membership website. Only fully enrolled students and their parents have login credentials. Handouts, links, and assignments are shared there for easy access. All parents/guardians must complete a waiver consenting for classes to be recorded.

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Class size 2-15 students


Computer and printer; instructor will provide files with workbook pages.



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About the Instructor

Heidi Christianson

Heidi Christianson has a diverse background in education. She has taught in the university, community college, private school, and charter school environments. She has also been homeschooling her five sons for 20 years. Her quest to personalize her own children’s education has led her on a journey that has included helping found her local commonwealth school (a homeschool community), writing her own curriculum, public speaking (CHN Family Expo, Great Homeschool Convention, Back to Basics Forum), and putting on several conferences (Transformational Education), as well as working as a teacher for a homeschool charter school in California. She is currently a Leadership Education Mentoring Institute trainer and owner of Realizing Genius.

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