Learn to play the recorder and read music.

I'm available for private online tutoring!

Class Schedule

Starts Sept. 2, 2020
Cost $80
Grades 4-6
Meets Once A Week for 4 weeks on Wednesday.
Time 10:00AM - 10:55AM PST

Class size 3-10 students
Supplies How to Play Recorder for Kids - Recorder Lessons for Kids Book 1 Progressive Recorder Method for Young Beginners - Book 1 (Giant Coloring Book)

Teacher Profile

Diane Benitez

I love seeing the light bulbs of my students turn on as I teach/tutor them! It is a real pleasure to help them and encourage them as they learn new concepts. Having a child with Down Syndrome has taught me to be creative in teaching concepts and to teach first and foremost the love of learning!


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