Elementary Science

Robotics: Tinker Series

1-4 students Elementary Science General General Robotics

The tinker series is your child's first step into the world of robotics. Students will learn the basics of circuit building while making a new creation in every session!

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Due to the fine motor skills that are often needed, I ask that a parents or older sibling be present with the student in the class to assist as needed. There will be no assigned homework; however, I will ask students to take notes. The notes will generally consist of a sketch and one vocabulary term per class. Each class will revolve around building a simple robot. A new robot will be made each class!

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Class size 1-4 students

Please purchase this robotics kit: https://shop.barnabasrobotics.com/collections/kits-1/products/mini-tinker-kit-arts-crafts-robot-motor-kit-for-kids-ages-6-10



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Eric Lin

Hello, My name is Eric Lin. I have been teaching programming and robotics classes for the last four years, since graduating from UCLA with a bachelors in physics in 2016. I like to conduct my classroom like a laboratory and allow students to discover through experimenting, often failing before success comes. I want to give students an environment where they have the freedom to fail, and emphasize the process more than the result. I am comfortable with all ages, having taught kindergarten all the way through high school. In my spare time I like to stay active and enjoy: hiking, swimming, camping and rock climbing.

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