Songwriting Workshop

3-6 students Composition General Guitar/Banjo/Ukulele Instruments Music Appreciation Music Theory Piano Singing

Getting in touch with your creativity has never been so rewarding. In this online class, students can explore their love for creative writing and their love for music at the same time with kids their own age.  Students get to showcase songs they are working on, strengthen their songwriting skills and learn helpful techniques in the process of writing songs. And when songs are finished, they learn how to release them so the whole world can enjoy the product of their creativity and hard work.

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Songwriting Workshop is all about getting the creative musician or poet in your life in touch with other creative peers. These online classes are hands-on and combine learning with fun.  Each week your child will discuss the challenges and success they encountered in their songwriting, get encouragement and constructive feedback from the teacher and classmates, and be able to give their unique perspective on songwriting to other students. The classes are held in a roundtable format so students are constantly being exposed to new concepts and songs based on what their classmates are working on. 

Their weekly homework is based on the songs/techniques they have decided to focus on. 


FAQs:  Q: What level does my child need to be?  A: The beauty of this class is that students of all levels, from beginner to advanced can work together to empower and learn from one another with a qualified teacher guiding them every step of the way, able to answer any question. 

Q: Will my child be engaged the whole class period?  A: Yes! When the teacher is not guiding them on their song, students are encouraged to listen to the other students and be ready with encouragement and constructive feedback on their classmates performance. We have a great time. 


The syllabus is created organically, based on what each student is working on. The basics and foundation of songwriting always reinforced, which is important for artists of all ages and experience. 

Additional Information

Class size 3-6 students

None, but an instrument can help.


No music experience is required, but it does help if the student has an instrument that they can play. Students who do not play an instrument will focus on becoming lyricists and will be paired with a musician to bring their lyrics to life.

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About the Instructor

Dave Christensen

Small group classes that create community ... musically!  Students choose the tunes that they and their classmates will learn. These classes evolve organically, so no more predictable curriculum. Fun rubs elbows with musicianship and discipline in these courses where anything and everything can be explored. Any skill level from beginner to expert is welcome.

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