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Studio 37: Algebra 1 - Informational Meeting for Parents, Guardians, & Charter Schools

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Starts July 14, 2021
Cost $0
Grades 9-12
Meets One time for 1 weeks on Wednesday
Time 3:30PM - 4:30PM PST

Class Description

Join us for an informational meeting by Dr. George Cheung to learn more about Studio 37 Algebra 1. This session will be followed by a question and answer session.  

When Dr. George Cheung created Studio 37: Algebra 1, his goal was to help his special needs students meet their goal of successfully completing high school. Little did he know that his students would soon score higher on their standardized math tests than the general population at their high school. This innovative and technology rich program, which has been recognized by WASC, Apple, the California Department of Education, the Los Angeles County Office of Education, and multiple universities, took him throughout the country to present at teachers' conferences.  Studio 37: Algebra 1 is offered exclusively on AdLife by our highly experienced and caring Home School Coaches.  

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ABOUT THIS PROGRAM: Studio 37: Algebra 1 provides a standard-based, technology-rich, 1-on-1 instruction to support your student’s unique learning needs. With a proven, innovative methodology, we utilize math coaches to foster each student’s ability to reach their potential. Through consistent feedback, students advance from direct instruction to independent work, according to their personal pace and understanding of the material. The math coach will guide students through direct instruction, tutoring, and homework problems which have been pre-recorded to give students on-demand learning for each lesson and homework assignment. The pre-recorded step-by-step videos, coupled with live mentoring, help ensure that the student feels confident as they learn the material with fidelity. The course is built to deliver a comprehensive and engaging experience, building on twenty-first century skills.

ABOUT DR. CHEUNG: Dr. George Cheung is part of the Education Leadership team at a top international tech company, and has been working with school leadership to leverage technology to transform learning. Prior to joining this company, Dr. Cheung served as a teacher for 15 years, as well as working as a tech coordinator, professor, and professional development consultant in Los Angeles and across California. He is fluent in American Sign Language, holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing/Sales and a Master’s in Special Education. Dr. Cheung also received both a Doctorate in Education Leadership and a certificate in School Business Management from the University of Southern California.  

Dr Cheung’s vision is to help all students, especially students with disabilities, those who are at-risk, and the disenfranchised, to reach their personal genius. This has been evident in his 15 years of work in public education, teaching high school for the deaf and hard of hearing, and individuals with mild to moderate disabilities. His methodology in the classroom became highly effective, resulting, not only in higher academic achievements but also in social and emotional growth for his students. He also taught in higher education as an adjunct professor, specializing in helping new teachers incorporate technology into their practices. 

Studio 37 is synonymous with Dr. Cheung and has gained notoriety from organizations such as Apple, Inc.; the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC); the California Department of Education (CDE); the University of Texas, San Antonio (UTSA); Azusa Pacific University; and the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE).  

Dr. Cheung is dedicated in everything he sets his eyes on, including tennis, triathlons, running, and cycling, but, most importantly, he is dedicated in his roles as husband and father. 

“I acknowledge and appreciate your hard work in organizing this fantastic lesson…some of us adults (who have been out of school for 100 years) can appreciate it even more, because tutoring your own children is not always that easy.” - E.T.

“Thank you for all you do and all that you are doing...for your dedication for seeing that all the students under your care are getting everything they need to succeed in life. I am proud to have seen this with my own eyes; more parents should see the outstanding work of these teachers. God Bless You.“-F.B.

“I really think what you do with your website is amazing. It helps me tremendously. I watch it almost daily. I think it is fantastic. I have learned FOIL. It is a huge help if [my daughter] has questions at home...it is extremely valuable to have the weekly homework assignments available for me to see.”-N.R.

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Class size 1-100 students
Supplies No materials needed

About the Instructor

Studio 37 Algebra 1

Studio 37 utilizes some of Home School Coaches’ best math instructors to guide students through this innovative math program. They incorporate goal setting, encouragement and mentoring mixed in with technology to support your child’s success in Algebra 1.


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