Supporting Pre-Algebra

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Class Schedule

Starts Jan. 26, 2021
Cost $220
Grades 4-8
Meets Once a week for 8 weeks on Tuesday
Time 4:30PM - 5:25PM PST

Class Description

So, are you ready for Pre-Algebra? This class is designed for students who are entering pre-algebra or taking pre-algebra and need extra support. Specifically, this class will cover a series of concepts needed to be successful in pre-algebra. It will consist of integers, one-step equations, understanding inequalities, equations, variables, exponents, graphs, functions, percent, and probabilities. This class meets Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 8 weeks.

Additional Information

Class size 4-10 students
Supplies Instructor will provide materials to print or view as a PDF Students will need notebook or paper, pencils, graph paper, a ruler, a calculator, and at least 3-4 different colored highlighters.

About the Instructor

Monique Villanueva

First and foremost, I am the mother to an amazing teenager with autism who inspired and challenged me to be a "think outside the box" instructor, mentor, and coach. One of my greatest joys is to engage children with their vast array of learning styles to new material, so they walk away feeling better about themselves and abilities.


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