The Basics of Old and Modern Calligraphy (Hand Lettering)

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Class Schedule

Starts Feb. 12, 2021
Cost $250
Prorated Cost $125
Grades 5-12
Meets Once a week for 6 weeks on Friday
Time 2:00PM - 2:55PM PST

Class Description

Students will need handwriting tools of their own. I will provide practice pages that can be printed. Here I have provided a link to the supplies I recommend. You will only need 1 calligraphy pen.

This is a project based course, and I will expect students to put in an adequate amount of practice and to see some basic progress.

Additional Information

Class size 3-10 students

Students will need to have or purchase the following items (You don't need ALL these, but you should have at least 1 calligraphy pen)

  1. Calligraphy Pens
  2. Brush Pens or Brush Markers
  3. Calligraphy Paper
  4. Pencils, Rulers, Erasers

About the Instructor

Emily Geronimo

Ms. G believes education is vital to every chid's future success and contribution to the world around them. She has been substituting since 2007 in and around the Los Angeles and San Diego counties and has taught students K- 12. She loved English throughout her primary and secondary schooling, however, since teaching middle schoolers, Science has been her new favorite subject. Ms. G earned her BA from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, CA. She has homeschooled two of her five children and has subbed for most single-subject and multi-subject classes, PE, resource, and as an intervention specialist for 4th and 5th grade.

Ms. G is looking forward to meeting you!


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