The Bill of Rights

Students will analyze aspects of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, while conducting mock Supreme Court trials they will interpret the Constitution as it relates to those famous cases, as well as how it relates to issues of today.

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Class Schedule

Starts Sept. 15, 2020
Cost $400
Grades 6-12
Meets Once A Week for 12 weeks on Tuesday.
Time 10:00AM - 10:55AM PST

Class size 3-12 students
Supplies Instructor will upload PDFs for students to review.

Teacher Profile

Tom Hyatt

I have been working in education for 17 years. I started my career as a Teaching Artist for a not for profit arts education organization teaching playwriting to students of all ages. I have a Bachelor’s Degree from U.C.S.D. in Theatre Arts and Literature, and a Masters in Education, along with a secondary social science teaching credential


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