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5-20 students Cooking

Yes, kids can cook dinner, with a little help from their friends. Join the social supper club and each week your child will make dinner “alongside” their friends. Chef Nina leads the class instruction from her home kitchen. Imagine ~ dinner cooked one night a week by your child. So divine!

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In this class, students learn basic cooking skills and how to make a variety of dishes: from the homemade marinara sauce and a simple salad, to a variety of international dishes, such as curries, tostadas, and more.  

One week prior to class, students will receive a list of supplies and equipment along with a copy of the full recipe. Then we "gather" online to make the dish together. 

When registering, please indicate if there are any food allergies in the family. 99% of the recipes are vegetarian but can be adapted to include meat. Vegan dishes will be included but will not be guaranteed each week. We are happy to send accommodations to make dishes vegan with one week's advance notice. 

Recommended age level: 12 years and up. 

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Class size 5-20 students

One week prior to class, students will receive a list of supplies and equipment along with a copy of the full recipe. Basic kitchen equipment is expected: measuring cups and spoons, knife, cutting board, stovetop, oven, bowls, skillet, baking sheet, etc.



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About the Instructor

Nina Zippay

About Your Instructor

Ms. Zippay earned her undergraduate degree in Journalism at Southern Illinois University followed by a Juris Doctor degree in Chicago at Kent College of Law, specializing in Environmental Law. She received her Masters of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in leadership and sustainability from Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business.

She is a local business entrepreneur of two education-based enterprises, Radical Radishes, a writing workshop and summer program for children and young adults, and Radical Cooks, a cooking school for both adults and children. She has served on many education-based non-profit boards including, but not limited to: Mt. Washington Elementary School Site Council, Odyssey Charter School, and the Arroyo Seco Neighborhood Council.

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