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Thesis Statements the easy way. Ace the AP and College Entrance essays.

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Learn to write an excellent Thesis statement that will work for ALL types of writing. Four Square Thesis statements make it easy. Outline an entire essay on one page. Four Square Thesis statements will take you through your Master's Degree and you never have to worry about writing an excellent essay.

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Four Square Thesis Statements walk students through an often intimidating process in a clear and logical manner. I developed it while teaching English 101 at College of the Canyons for those students who were taking this UC transferable class the 2nd or 3rd time because developing a thesis was confusing for them. I also used it for AP students, especially the AP Language and Composition test. The passing rate rose to 90% with the students who employed this method. I teach the process over 4 weeks and I write the thesis statements with the students. They then produce an outstanding essay easily and with confidence. This process helps with College Entrance Essays as well. Appropriate for all ages 7-adult

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Class size 5-20 students
Supplies Paper and pencil to take notes
Prerequisites None

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Gaylene Van Zijll

Gaylene van Zijll has over 40 years of experience in all areas of Education. She has taught pre-school through graduate school in 6 different states and 3 different countries. Her experience as a teacher, principal, consultant and head of school at both public and private schools give her a unique perspective and broad understanding of the pedagogy needed to ensure learning for all students at all levels.

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