Turning ideas into Artwork and Finding your Voice

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Class Schedule

Starts June 24, 2021
Cost $200
Grades 9-12
Meets One time for 8 weeks on Thursday
Time 3:00PM - 3:55PM PST

Class Description

Learn how to turn your thoughts, ideas, and feelings into Artwork! Take this class of discovery into yourself and find meaning in your art. There is a way to find the artist within yourself. You have a lot to say. How will you separate your art and your voice from the voices that currently have the platform right now? Do they speak for you, or do you have something to say? The world is waiting for a new era of artists whose artwork has depth, meaning, and beauty. Art needs the next movement to instill faith, values, and character. Art can change culture and then the world. It’s what’s inside that counts. The instructor will instruct/lead the class, then provide personal one-on-one instruction in and outside of class. This class will require work outside of class for the student to be successful.

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Additional Information

Class size 1-10 students

Sketchbook, pencil, eraser, folder

Supplies and medium/s the student wants to use to create artwork 

About the Instructor

Gina D'Elia

I’ve been teaching Private Art Lessons to Home School and Public School Students for 15+ yrs., in their homes, to the present day and have been a Home School Coach for 4 years. Apart from Private Art lessons, I teach at a Charter School offering Beginning Art, Art 1, and Art 2 classes. As well as, teaching 7 Art classes at a Private School, in West Hollywood, for 6-12 graders, in all mediums and subject matter.


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