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U.S. History

United States History

Class Description

General Information: Passing US History- This course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the twentieth century and expose you to amazing changing times. It is necessary to pass one year of US history before graduating. Note Books- Have a notebook and something to write with each day. Tests- Tests are announced one week in advance, spreading out your studying over more than one night will help you do well on the test. Studying the day of the test is NOT as productive. Guidelines for class: Plagiarism is NOT acceptable. When you turn in written work make sure it is your own writing. Paraphrase the source material, don’t just change one or two words and call it good. Examples: - Cut and paste sections or entire pages from the internet for a class report. • Copying another students paper or turning in their paper as your own. • Copying word for word information and putting quotations around everything • Do not take a paper and just change the pronoun of the person in each sentence and expect it to be an original work. Late Work Policy: One day or two days late 10% off total points for assignment and possibly additional points off for incorrect or missing answers. Three to five school days overdue: ½ off credit After five school days from due date: NO CREDIT

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