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Why Algebra? Semester 1

Class Schedule

Starts Sept. 17, 2021
Cost $450
Grades 7-12
Meets One time for 12 weeks on Friday
Time 10:10AM - 11:10AM PST

Class Description

Welcome to my algebra class. The primary goal of this course is for the student to actively engage themselves in a positive learning experience in which there is increased appreciation and understanding of mathematics in the world. It is my hope that students will find joy and success in solving problems and grow as learners and participants within our classroom community. All activities within the classroom are expected to contribute to an atmosphere of learning in which respect, involvement in learning, and a positive attitude are essential components. Algebra 1 is the critical element in secondary mathematics education. Topics introduced in Algebra 1 provide the foundation students require for future success in high school mathematics, critical thinking, and problem solving. The primary goal in Algebra 1 is to help students transfer their concrete mathematical knowledge to more abstract algebraic generalizations. The course begins by reviewing real numbers, their operations, and mutual relationships. Then we go on to develop an understanding of fractions and how to perform operations on them. Exponents and their properties are then derived, and radicals (and other roots) are presented. The course shows how exponents and roots are related, as well as how these are related to multiplication and division. Throughout this first portion of the course, the use of symbols in place of numbers is introduced and developed, leading to an investigation into variables and algebraic relations in the latter portion of the course. The course also describes how to graph algebraic relations and how to solve simple linear equations. We make extensive use of graphing and graphical relationships. We use technology to build up intuitions and skills on the coordinate plane as we deal with functions, lines, and patterns. Thus, the course not only provides a fundamental set of algebra skills, but it demonstrates how these skills can be used to study various problems that have real-world applications. Students should expect 2-3 hours of homework per week.

This class is not A-G aligned.

This class may be considered for elective credit for high school students. Please submit to your charter school for final approval.

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Additional Information

Class size 5-8 students

Students will need to purchase the following items:

● Notebook or Binder with loose leaf paper

● Textbook: Algebra 1 CPM

● Pencils

● Calculator

About the Instructor

James Wigglesworth

My goal is to bring the joy and the wonder of math to students across the nation. With a passion for insights and deeper understanding, I help budding mathematicians lower anxiety and build confidence as we explore math through fun and engaging activities.


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