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Write Like a Boss

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Class Schedule

Starts Sept. 17, 2021
Cost $295
Grades 9-12
Meets One time for 0 weeks on Friday
Time 2:10PM - 3:10PM PST

Class Description

Words hold more power than gravity itself, and somehow we earthlings have been entrusted with them. As verbal creatures, we have no choice but to speak and write. This course aims to make students better at being what they already are: communicators. Each weekly lesson and accompanying assignment is designed to help students hunt, corner, and kill crusty writing (thinking) habits while they simultaneously perform CPR on the wholesome habits that may have been previously learned but neglected. Students will also learn fresh methods of clearly communicating all the things their hearts could ever wish to blurt. Among the topics we’ll cover: Figures of Speech (metaphor, simile, personification, etc.), Showing instead of Telling, Killing Cliches, Writing in Active Voice, How to be Concise, and much more.


Lesson Schedule

Week 1: Using Stronger Verbs: 250 Ways to say "Went"

Week 2: Metaphors and Similes

Week 3: Onomatopoeia and other word-meaning connections

Week 4: Alliteration, Consonance, Assonance: Ithaka Poem

Week 5: Common student mistakes: Facing, then killing them

Week 6: Descriptive Writing

Week 7: Fun with Homophones, Homographs, and Heteronyms

Week 8: Persuasive Writing

Week 9: A Response to Beauty. What's your "Duende"?

Week 10: Contrastive Writing (Love/Hate); Intro O'Henry Short Stories for next week

Week 11: Inventive Writing, with a Twist: O'Henry Short Stories

Week 12: Share "twist" stories; Review game

This class may be considered for elective credit for high school students. Please submit to your charter school for final approval.

Additional Information

Class size 3-10 students

About the Instructor

Jonathan Vince

Jonathan has taught and tutored students in multiple subjects, but his specialty is with English. He first honed his writing skills as a reporter for a small newspaper in Sierra Madre, and then God led him into the education field for the next decade.


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