Deborah Page

General Writing, Essay Writing, Grammar/Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading

  • Tutors students with special needs
  • Tutors students individually

30 Years Teaching Experience Elementary Education Reading and Writing Specialist Science Educator I am a seasoned, retired elementary school teacher and tutor with a history of success. I hold both Masters degrees and teaching credentials in Education and Reading. I love working with kids and offer a combination of fun, individual, and rigorous instruction. I am dedicated to creating positive experiences for each child. I have helped hundreds of students learn to read, using a variety of effective structures and strategies. I have a deep understanding of Common Core standards and have had special training in reading and writing that has resulted in dramatic improvement for many students. I also have a very strong background as a science educator. I have taught students of all elementary grades both in the classroom, and have also worked as an elementary specialist in reading, writing, and K-6 science education. I like to use a literature-based approach whenever possible, but will also use whatever materials the student may need to meet our goals. I am knowledgeable about home learning and experienced in providing live online instruction and tutoring. I am currently available for virtual tutoring sessions only. I am responsive, easy to reach, and invite follow-up questions from you after the lesson is completed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I look forward to scheduling a lesson with you!

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Subject(s) General Writing, Essay Writing, Grammar/Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading
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