Denis Titchenell

Public Speaking, homeschooling, Essay Writing, Creative Writing

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About Me

After graduating UCR, I spent ten years as a writer, editor and translator, then taught community college full time for many years, published several textbooks and edited numerous papers for publication in scholarly journals. My experience in education persuaded me that I did not want my children to have to undergo the stultifying regimen of public school with its agenda of enforced compliance, conformity and mediocrity. Together with my wife, also a teacher, I homeschooled my two daughters through to college and have been teaching homeschoolers at Excellence In Education, the definitive homeschooling resource center in Monrovia CA, since 2002. I maintain firmly that learning can be one of the most enjoyable activities imaginable and I strive to help my students experience delight in defining their own education.

Additional Information

Subject(s) Public Speaking, homeschooling, Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Grammar, Literature, Oratory, rhetorical devices, poetry, vocabulary, German
Age Group The age doesn't matter as long as the student is able to do college prep work.

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