Diane Benitez

General Writing, Creative Writing, Grammar/Spelling, Reading Comprehension

  • Tutors students with special needs
  • Tutors students in groups
  • Tutors students individually

Coach Profile

Diane Benitez has been teaching for many years, including; homeschool, Montessori school, and teaching life skills to the visually impaired. She is a certified Braille Transcriber through the Library of Congress and has worked at a public school transcribing print to Braille. Diane is very passionate about teaching reading, English, math, and music to her students. Her music teaching includes piano, flute, and recorder. Diane is a charismatic teacher who loves seeing the eyes of her students light up when they learn a new concept and get excited about it. She promotes the love of learning, which she believes is the key to the success of life. Whether it is a math, English, science, or music concept, she combines a holistic approach to learning to make it fun and interesting. Diane has homeschooled her seven year old since the beginning and loves it.

Additional Information

Subject(s) General Writing, Creative Writing, Grammar/Spelling, Reading Comprehension, Reading, Math Concepts/Intervention, Elementary Math, Piano, Flute, Public Speaking/Debate, Life Skills, Recorder
Age Group Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School





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