Francisco Caranza

History, Writing, English, Math (up to Algebra 1)

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Coach Profile

Francisco became a Muay Thai and soccer instructor at UCLA Recreation while attending UCLA back in 2008. He has trained in Muay Thai, Savate, Kali, Boxing, and with the Bruin Self-Defense Program. Meanwhile, he played at the semi-pro level with a Central American soccer league and went on to coach his own Sunday league co-ed and men’s team. After graduating from UCLA with a major in History and a minor in English, Francisco worked as a Behavior Therapist working one-on-one with high functioning special Ed students. He received his teacher credential from The Masters University and is currently completing his Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. Francisco is currently a Social Studies teacher which includes history, economics, geography, government. He has also worked summers teaching English as a second language, and GED classes.

Additional Information

Subject(s) History, Writing, English, Math (up to Algebra 1)
Age Group Lower Elementary (4-8 years old), Upper Elementary (9-11 years old), Middle School (12-14 years old), High School (14-18 years old), Adults

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