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Gaylene van Zijll has over 40 years of experience in all areas of Education. She has taught pre-school through graduate school in 6 different states and 3 different countries. Her experience as a teacher, principal, consultant and head of school at both public and private schools give her a unique perspective and broad understanding of the pedagogy needed to ensure learning for all students at all levels. Her excellence has been recognized by awarding her Teacher of the Year at two schools, two districts and Los Angeles County. She is committed to instilling a love for learning in her students and they appreciate her willingness to do whatever it takes to allow them success. For the past several years she has worked to establish excellence in online education, offering English, English Honors, AP English, History, Drama and Spanish to hundreds of students. The success of her students on the AP exam is over 80% and these students gratefully acknowledge her help and guidance. Her passion for teaching is evident in her classes. She has served as on numerous WASC accreditation committees throughout the state as well as a consultant and trainer for Differentiated curriculum and Gifted instruction in 10 different School Districts. She served as a director for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth when her children were younger. Her training as an Instructor and Director at Stanley Kaplan Educational Centers provided her with insight and experience in test-taking strategies that her students find invaluable. Ms. Van Zijll received her M.Ed. in Educational Management from the University of LaVerne and her BA in English Education (with minors in History and Theater Arts) from the University of Utah.


I learned more from Ms. Van Zijll in the last 10 months than I’ve learned in the last 10 years! She is amazing.


Thank you, Ms. V., for teaching me to love learning. You changed my life. I was just accepted to UC Berkeley (my DREAM school) and I could never have done it without you.


I never thought I would learn to love literature, but I DID, thanks to you! You taught me so much more than I thought possible, about so many things. I will never forget you.


I just had to write and say thank you for preparing me so well for the AP exam. While other students were anxious and confused, I was calm and prepared. I really appreciate all your time and help. I feel so lucky to have had you as a teacher.


Ms. Van Zijll, I cannot express what an honor it has been to have you as my teacher. I wanted you to be the first to know that your letter of recommendation really helped. I was just accepted into Cal Tech!!! I can’t thank you enough for your constant support and direction. I will always remember you.


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