Gina Diggs

Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Script Writing

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Gina Diggs has been teaching various styles of dance and musical theater since she was 16 years old. In her early 20’s, while studying the Meisner Acting Technique, she started writing scripts and childrens books, while continuing to learn, perform and teach. Around the age of 25, Gina became very interested in nutrition and went on to earn a degree and 2 certifications in holistic nutrition. In 1998, she read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and became enthralled with the series, which lead to her teaching Harry Potter to homeshcoolers for the past 8 years. In addition to teaching Harry Potter, Gina has also been teaching and directing dance and musical theater to homeschoolers. Gina has been a homeschooling mom to 4 fantastic kids for over 2 decades (is that possible?!), and is wife to an amazing husband, Kevin, and mom to a beautiful and hilarious dog, Belle.

Additional Information

Subject(s) Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Script Writing, Elementary Science, Health, Life Science,Drama, Improv, Cooking, Public Speaking, Harry Potter as enrichment or as Literature
Age Group Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School

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