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"We have had Heidi as our piano teacher for several years. She is currently teaching our 8 year old daughter Evelyn and it has been so fun and impressive to see her development. Not only do they work from the standard piano books, but they also practice other advanced skills like chord progression, music theory, site reading, improvisation, playing by ear and garage band! Heidi is very fun and creative such that piano is never boring! She has really listened to Evelyn’s interests and sees the areas where she needs support as well as the natural abilities that she can nurture. Evelyn has developed such a variety of skills that she is flourishing. She loves piano and we never have to ask her to practice. Heidi is not only a creative, talented and experienced musician, artist, and teacher but also connects well with her students. Lessons have been a great excuse to enjoy a quick visit afterwards. She always makes time to say hello to the hamster or takes the time to listen to whatever new thing Evelyn must show and tell her. We can’t recommend Heidi highly enough. She is a wonderful piano teacher and friend!"

Evelyn (mom)

Piano lessons with Heidi are fun because she’s funny and she let’s you pick a song and you can learn it by ear.

Evelyn (8)

My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Heidi for over 3 years now and we love her! My daughter can be extremely shy and quiet so when we needed a new piano teacher, I was not looking forward to finding one but after our first trial lesson we knew Heidi would be perfect for her. Heidi has been gentle and encouraging but at the same time she pushes my daughter. My son,who is an active 7 year old, has started lessons as well and she knows how to motivate him and keep him engaged. Heidi knows her music and relates well with children. She is fun but firm when needed. I recommend her to any family looking to start or continue their child’s musical journey!


Heidi has been teaching my son remotely for almost two years now. She is flexible and caring in so many ways. My son has ADHD but she is able to recenter him when he goes off track and keep him engaged. Speaking to her flexibility, when we first started working together my son had a hard time staying focused for even 15 minutes, so instead of one 30 minute session she gave us two 15 minute sessions a week. And then we worked up to 30 minutes, then 45, and now we are at a full hour. She listens to him and knows when to push and when to let things go. I love that we can have her as a teacher even though she lives so far away. I wasn't sure how lessons would go over if there wasn't a teacher physically present, but she understands how to keep kids motivated and interested in the curriculum. She is amazing and I hope to have her as a teacher for my children for years to come.


My special needs daughter suffers from severe anxiety and low self-esteem. She found herself unable to write English and History essays for a whole semester. Heidi's kind, warm, calm, knowledgeable, funny, uplifting attention and personality relaxed her so much that she was able to catch up on all her school's assignments within only 6 sessions with Heidi. Heidi is a delightful woman who is able to support a sensitive student in just the right way so they can find their confidence to succeed. We highly recommend Heidi!


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Subject(s) Essay Writing, Creative Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Math Foundations, Elementary Math, Art of Problem Solving, Philosophy, Graphic Design, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, Film, Puppetry, Animation, Wearable Art/Costumes, Spanish, Music Theory, Piano, Flute, Improv, Choir
Age Group Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, High School, College

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