Hillary King

Drawing, Painting

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Coach Profile

Hillary King is passionate about teaching art. She earned a BFA from The Maryland Institute College of Art. She decided to pursue teaching art full time after teaching preschool for ten years. Hillary founded Let's Art Together in 2016. Let's Art Together strives to support and encourage the creative process. Learning happens in the act of doing. Of course there are rules in art, which provide you with the basic foundations. Art is like riding a bike the more you practice the more confident and better you become. She is also a proud mom to two beautiful daughters. When she is not teaching she enjoys walking the dog, cooking, riding bikes, and hiking.


Ms. Hillary, offers art classes that are perfectly paced to guide her students through a wide variety of art styles for them to create. My son didn't have a lot of confidence in his art making abilities and after being in her class he is excited and thriving as a young artist. I find him making art on his own at home just for the fun of it and he is creating more art as gifts to loved ones as well. So happy we found these classes and I am planning to enroll my kids in more classes to come.


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Subject(s) Drawing, Painting
Age Group K-12

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