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James Wigglesworth was homeschooled for ten years before going to community college and then transferring to UCLA (grad 2008). With a passion for education and a love of math, he has been helping students find educational insights for over 10 years. Now working as a full time tutor and teacher in the San Gabriel Valley, his skill set is as thorough and varied as ever. He’s taught Math Team for the past 3 years and has gone on to compete at the state level each time. In that time, he created and implemented over a dozen successful group classes. Over the years, he has enabled hundreds of students to learn better, score higher, and gain confidence. Having been homeschooled himself, he possesses special insights into the ins and outs that come with homeschooling. He has taught a wide variety of topics, from programming to pre-algebra to advanced calculus and everything in between. It’s his desire to inspire a new generation of thinkers and problem solvers to develop a passion and love for math and critical thinking.


My 2 children (13 y.o. boy and 11 y.o. girl) have been taking math from James the last 3 years. James helped my son achieved a 97% nationally in the math portion of the SAT when the boy was only 12. James breaks out of the confines of the online setting by using various other apps and tools. My children finds it quite refreshing that James’ class is not just another online class. The class dynamics is typically very inviting and the kids feel motivated to work with the teacher and with each other. Definitely recommend!

Amy Choi from Alhambra

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