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Matthew Marsden is a 23 year award winning veteran of the entertainment industry. After many years of being pestered by fellow actors, parents, and friends to teach acting, he finally set up MMAA in late 2019. Starting from humble beginnings in the UK, Matthew was accepted into the prestigious National Youth Theater of Great Britain and did A - Levels in Theater Studies and English Literature before moving on to study Performing Arts at College. By the time he turned professional, Matthew had 8 years of Drama training, covering classical and physical theater, voice, improvisation, and mask work. Over 100 episodes of tv and multiple movies later, Matthew has starred opposite such luminaries as Michael Caine, Jonathan Rhys Davies, Ewan McGregor, Eric Bana, Iain Glenn, Maggie Q, Heather Graham, and Sylvester Stallone, and has been directed by Stallone, Walter Hill, Ridley Scott, Russell Mulcahy, and Michael Bay. He has written and directed theater, staged events at the Galen Center and the Microsoft Theater and, in 2019, saw the release of his movie directorial debut "I Am That Man". For a more detailed resume, check out his personal website or IMDB page.

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