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Michele loves to see the light bulb moment when a student “gets it”. Using various methods from whiteboards, to objects, to songs, Michele loves to help students understand math by breaking down concepts into small manageable pieces. She found her passion for math as a teenager, but more importantly in high school she found her passion for Jesus and has been grateful to follow him for many years. Graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in Civil Engineering, she worked in her field for 6 years earning her Professional Engineering License before she chose to become a stay-at-home mom.

Married to her best friend Scott for 30 years, she home schooled her 3 adult children from kindergarten to graduation. Her oldest son Justin graduated from college with a degree in Mathematics and works as a Solutions Architect. Her middle son Nathan will soon have a Civil Engineering degree and her daughter Catherine is in Nursing School, both at California Baptist University. Michele has taught classes in many different homeschooling venues over the years, but is excited to now help take the fear out of fractions.


Homeschool Mamas, I HIGHLY recommend this amazing lady for your mathematical needs! She has saved my relationship with my kids and our homeschool success! We actually finish math books now and my kids really understand what they are learning. We have taken her classes and used her as a private tutor. She’s AMAZING and so sweet to the kids.


Math can be a struggle for those of us who homeschool. That’s where Mrs Small comes in. She simplifies problems to help your kids understand what is being asked, she’s fun and encouraging. Last year one of my kids ended the year feeling like a failure and declaring that she was stupid and would never be able to do math! This year she is taking class with Mrs. Small and thriving! Mrs Small had expectations that my child rose to meet, but more than that Mrs. Small understood her and gave her confidence. All of my kids love Mrs. Small.

Anita Fischer

Michele Small was my son's pre-algebra teacher and helped my daughter with ACT/SAT prep. I loved watching all of the "ah ha!" moments. Somehow Michele can make quadratic equations seem simple. She has a way of making things like fractions, ratios, and integers easy and her tricks for memorizing multiplication facts are simply genius! If you are looking for a math teacher for your child or teen, you should contact Michele. She is a gift and blessing (and super fun too)! I can’t say enough about Michele Small . When we switched to homeschooling my biggest fear was math. I am horrible at it and reece getting in micheles math classes and her tutoring time has made all the difference in the world.

Stacie Rodriguez Nicholson

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Subject(s) Math Games, Elementary Math, Prealgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2
Age Group Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, College

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