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About Me

I have been doing what I love unapologetically since I was 12 years old. I have wildly pursued my love of music through expression as an artist, producer, instructor, and proud noodler.

My dedication to guitar helped me progress quickly as an adolescent. I loved the effect music had on me. It was a calling that pulled me into playing in bands, recording albums, and playing shows both locally and regionally - basically, I was excited about any opportunity that would deepen my proficiency.

It made sense that I would go on to graduate from the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles and earn bigger opportunities to work with members of No Doubt, The Offspring, Megadeth and Keith Urban himself. I also developed a guitar curriculum that has been packaged with Fender products and distributed in Guitar Center stores nationwide.

I continue to transform as a musician and guitarist through sync licensing projects, online music education, producing my own music (check it out!), and giving back to my alma mater.


Excellent Guitar Teacher, Highly Recommended. Mike has a great attitude, is professional, and really knows his stuff and how to explain it clearly. It is a pleasure learning from him, and I highly recommend him for guitar students of all levels.

David A.

Mike Georgia has a lot of patience especially with new beginners. With our busy schedule we love his flexibility and being able to do lessons online.

Debbie T.

If you're looking for a great guitar teacher, look no further: Mike is the best. He has a relaxed way about him which makes kids & adults alike feel at ease learning guitar. I was amazed at what my son learned & retained so quickly & easily under Mike's direction. I am a singer/songwriter and my then-6-year-old was finger-picking, reading music, and on his way to out-playing me after a few lessons with Mike. Techniques, tips, encouragement, rapport, song selection...whatever the combination was that Mike used when teaching my son...it worked! My son (now 13) looks back at videos of himself playing and is in awe of what he was able to do back then. But Mike isn't just a teacher for beginners...no, he is not. The dude can PLAY. SERIOUSLY. As in I needed a professional guitarist for a recording project and Mike totally rocked it. Song after song after song. He knows his instrument & music theory like you know how to breathe. It's effortless. And what's more, he gets along well with others. No ego. No attitude. He knows what he's talking about yet he's down-to-earth and wants to share his knowledge with those who want to learn without him being pushy or annoying about it. Excellent human being. Outstanding teacher. I highly recommend him.

Meridith L.

Great teacher, accommodating different skill levels, musical tastes, and schedules.

Miguel U.

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Subject(s) Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Composition, Piano, Guitar/Eukelele, Bass, Production, Mixing/Mastering, Bass, Production, Mixing/Mastering
Age Group High School, College

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