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I love meeting new students and seeing them progress. It is always a pleasure to help them learn a skill that they will enjoy for their lifetime.

For the last 20 years Mike Georgia has been an accomplished professional musician doing performance and production work in Los Angeles. Specializing in guitar excellence, Mike’s passion for music spills into music education where he proudly created the Rock Prodigy instructional curriculum, packaged with Fender products, sold and distributed through Guitar Center. He is also a major contributor to the Music Prodigy practice and assessment tool widely used in major school districts. Mike is a graduate of the Musician’s Institute.


David A. Excellent Guitar Teacher, Highly Recommended. Mike has a great attitude, is professional, and really knows his stuff and how to explain it clearly. It is a pleasure learning from him, and I highly recommend him for guitar students of all levels.

Debbie T. Great teacher! Mike Georgia has a lot of patience especially with new beginners. With our busy schedule we love his flexibility and being able to do lessons online.

Meridith L. If you're looking for a great guitar teacher, look no further: Mike is the best. He has a relaxed way about him which makes kids & adults alike feel at ease learning guitar. I was amazed at what my son learned & retained so quickly & easily under Mike's direction. I am a singer/songwriter and my then-6-year-old was finger-picking, reading music, and on his way to out-playing me after a few lessons with Mike. Techniques, tips, encouragement, rapport, song selection...whatever the combination was that Mike used when teaching my son...it worked! My son (now 13) looks back at videos of himself playing and is in awe of what he was able to do back then. But Mike isn't just a teacher for beginners...no, he is not. The dude can PLAY. SERIOUSLY. As in I needed a professional guitarist for a recording project and Mike totally rocked it. Song after song after song. He knows his instrument & music theory like you know how to breathe. It's effortless. And what's more, he gets along well with others. No ego. No attitude. He knows what he's talking about yet he's down-to-earth and wants to share his knowledge with those who want to learn without him being pushy or annoying about it. Excellent human being. Outstanding teacher. I highly recommend him.

Miguel U. Great teacher, accommodating different skill levels, musical tastes, and schedules. He will teach theory and practical skills.

Michael B. Guitar theory lessons. Mike is a very knowledgeable musician with a lot of patience and a knack for explaining things in several different ways so as to grasp the concept of what is being studied. He's very friendly and makes you comfortable while learning what he's teaching you.

Kipp A. I take lessons from Mike every Thursday for an hour on Skype. It is an efficient use of my time, and he is the most articulate and helpful guitar teacher I have ever had. This experience has been awesome for me! He has numerous ways to present the different material that we are going over, clearly he's thoroughly trained, but can translate into my level of understanding.

Ryan W. I have been taking lessons with Mike for about 3 months now and he is fantastic. He understands my goals and what I want to get out of my guitar playing and tailors our lessons to meet those goals. My playing has improved a lot and I really enjoy working with him. Two thumbs up and I highly recommend Mike to others who are looking to learn how to play or better their skills.

Patrick M. Mike is an awesome guitar teacher. He explains theory and techniques in a way that is easy to understand and always provides notation to support each lesson. He'll often go the extra mile and provide a video recap of lessons, which really helps to reinforce the lesson while practicing. He also does a great job balancing the more rigorous parts of learning guitar, like scales or theory, with more fun exercises, such as learning a song. I've taken lessons from teachers in the past, but Mike is the only one whose teaching methods have worked for me.

Ann C. Mike is AWESOME! Involved, invested, timely, fun, knowledgeable, and able to teach about the musical parts and the theory parts at the same time, AND good at switching between different teaching styles to suit your needs... I could go on and on. I'm so glad I looked for a teacher where he was looking for students! Thanks Mike!

Diana G. Mike is very patient and supportive. The lessons are fun and within a few months my daughter is playing more songs on guitar than she did in a year with violin.

Christian S. Mike is a really nice guy and very knowledgeable in all things guitar. If you're wanting to learn theory, sight reading, how to shred, play the blues or classical, this guys knows it all! I have had a great time learning and playing with Mike.

Dave D. Mike knows What he's talking about, Always challenging work, And what I need.......A challenge. And a good guitar player

Chris B. Mike is an excellent guitar player and teacher. He is reliable, has great communication skills and is easy to work with! Would work with him again in a second.

Sergio P. I am trying to continue on my guitar journey with very seldom practice time due to my work and he is always being patient and understanding. His way of teaching is also very adaptable to my needs, so for me it is a 5 stars teacher.

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Subject(s) Guitar
Lesson fees Hour rate: $65 per lesson
Half hour rate: $40 per lesson
Age Group High School, College



Tuesday: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, 3:30 PM - 4:00 PM

Thursday: 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM, 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM



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