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Study Skills, Special Education Strategies and Support, Managing Academic Studies, Writing Your Personal Essay

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Monique Villanueva received her B.A. in Organizational Studies with a depth in educational systems from Pitzer College. She is a multiple awarded scholar and a 2011 J. William Fulbright Research Scholar Finalist for Mathematics Education. She has completed one year of graduate study majoring in Special Education at Claremont Graduate University. Monique has been tutoring children since 2002. Her passion for helping young minds make connections in their own unique way highlights her ability to bridge gaps in education. Monique is an advocate for special needs education and is a modern, “think outside the box” instructor. Monique is a mother to a son with autism and understands the challenges and beauty of it. It inspired her to connect with students on a spectrum of learning styles to maximize their success. Most recently, she designed and implemented a college preparation program workshop for high school students for the City of Claremont, which was awarded a CBO grant for its popularity within the Claremont community. Monique is well rounded and specializes in mathematics through Algebra 2, all facets of language arts, the social sciences, computer software, study skills, life skills, SAT study, and college preparation.


Hi Ms. V! James and Emma's mom here. I just wanted to tell you what an amazing teacher you are. I just printed out some homework stuff. And I saw some of the pictures from classes. You're exactly what my kids needed. Especially Emma. I'm so thankful you are a part of our village. I hope you know how wonderful you are. God has blessed you with a gift of teaching. You are going above and beyond! And I felt like God was telling me, to tell you. You really are a great teacher. I have a 22yr old, and a 20yr old, who went to private school. So, I feel like I've had alot of experiences with teachers. You impress me with your teaching. You have a natural gift. My kids are being challenged, and I see an improvement already. You've got this! Thankful for you

Lola S.

Thank you for everything you do for Nolan. He has come a long way because of your love and teaching!

Heather S. (Norco)

You were our SAVIOR during his high school years!

Janet L. Claremont

My daughters love you and your classes. We will definitely be enrolling again with you next year!

Kristi B. Glendora

Monique I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! I can't thank you enough for everything you have done with Gilani. From being his tutor, coach and counselor. Whether it was was for school, life, or motivation you were always there. You are not our tutor but family. G and our family will always love you!!!

John W. Chino

We love Monique M Villanueva!

Emmalee D. Ontario

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Subject(s) Study Skills, Special Education Strategies and Support, Managing Academic Studies, Writing Your Personal Essay, Book Club for Boys/Girls, Life Skills, Public Speaking, Managing Your Anxiety while Public Speaking, Computer Classes (e.g. Microsoft Office, Typing, etc.), Psychology, Philosophy, Geography, History, Sociology, Math Games, Math Foundations, Singapore Math, Elementary Math
Age Group Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, College

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