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Dear Learning Community – My name is Rebecca and I have formally been involved in the pursuit of educating and awakening imagination for over fifteen years. I homeschooled my own three (now, young adult) daughters and found the journey to be an absolute delight. Much of what birthed my happy memories in our learning process were the peers with whom we sojourned. Beautiful, vibrant, imaginative persons whose presence in my children’s lives, awakened and launched them into areas of interest and exploration that help them discover their own interests and mastery. This was especially poignant because we are a family with many learning deficits. I use this term on purpose because it is an important element to my own development as an instructor. Auditory Processing limitations resulted in many aspects of memory and learning being elusive and difficult to achieve. Seeking a greater understanding of how to successfully navigate and coach my children through these genuine challenges, led to my own unique education. I trained in the PACE’ Master the Code Reading Program which develops underlying processing skills critical to learning, including auditory and visual processing, attention, processing speed, phonemic awareness, logic and reasoning, and memory. Though I have not maintained my certification, it is the lens through which I explore all learning elusions. Furthermore, I am currently certified in The Listening Program, The Movement Program, For Brain, and Interactive Metronome – all modalities that can assist in helping engage a child toward meaningful learning outcomes. As an educator, I greatly care about the child whose brain is needing significant time to process and organize information, as well as clear sound cues and emotional connections. I utilize these tools continually in my teaching paradigm. When it comes to engaging with students, teaching is my favoritest thing by far! I love the dynamism of small group encounters and I love the intensity and specificity of one-on-one teacher – student interactions. In both situations, I savor participating in the journey of discovering and becoming. As to specific areas of study, I, honestly, have many loves. One of which is Mathematics. I delight in helping children overcome confusion and liberating their inner mathematician. The last several years as a tutor have involved heavy math engagement as many children were confused by math programs, who in the name of flexibility, grew more confusion than confidence. I like to teach/tutor Mathematics across the age range. I am very flexible when it comes to Math Teaching/Tutoring, offering a variety of programs that cater to the individual child. Additionally, I have developed a Multiplication Program of which I am especially proud and which I recommend for any child who finds themselves still skip counting in the Fourth, Fifth or, even, Ninth grade. Sequential storage is not easily overridden. A second absolute love of mine is all things Language Arts. I love empowering writers, I love hanging out in the land of poetry, discovering great works of literature; and, in that vocabulary remains one of the strongest indicators of future happiness, I love bringing the Art of Words into every class I teach. Vocabulary is a friend and resource worthy of pursuit. Finally, I am an admirer of Social Sciences. In particular, the study of culture(s), history and geography. I come by this love honestly. It is what I pursued in college (along with a minor in Mathematics). Helping children to shift into a robust perception of the world around them and to live in light of a reliable understanding of the antecedents and cultural influences that have shaped themselves in their milieu, is an empowering awareness. Furthermore, to be able to confidently bring knowledge and understanding to the essential conversations of daily life, is significant and an important gift - both to ourselves and the greater world in which we live.

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