Reese Taylor

Essay Writing, Spelling, Geometry, Drawing, ASL

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Excited about learning, Reese is happiest when she is able to explain a complex concept to a child in a way they understand, help them see the magic in the world around them, and feel empowered by their own creativity or grasp of a topic. She believes all children are built to learn and it is her job to tap into that natural ability. She has been teaching children ages 5-15 for over 8 years and loves pulling from different resources to create her own curriculum. This allows her to present classes in a fun, artistic, and meaningful way. She has taught a wide variety of classes including, but not limited to, Molecular Chemistry for middle school, Geometry for middle school, Writing for Science and Social Studies Biology (Wladorf inspired), Ancient Legends: Fa Mulan to Beowulf, Women in Science, What Were They Like? the childhoods of historical figures, Stars and Dinos: a journey from the big bang to humankind, Drama Games: retelling stories with our bodies, 3D Drawing: adding shadow and depth to your creations, and Spelling—using All About Spelling as the base.


Reese is a phenomenal teacher. She’s endlessly curious- not just about the subjects she teaches, but the kids as well- and has the strength of character to engage the kids on their level, rather than teaching at them or down to them. Her classes feel like an adventure that everyone is on together.

Olivia from South Pasadena, California

You are a great teacher because you are able to explain concepts multiple grade levels above mine, at a level I am able to recognize and understand with relative ease. Your classes are fun and easy, but still extremely informative!

Autsin (15) from Altadena, California

Reese Taylor is exactly what my son needed. She matches his enthusiasm for science and approaches the subject in an engaging, creative and hands on way. He loves her classes.

Kristina from Altadena, California

Reese's class was a score for my kids. She created an environment where they were highly engaged and wanted to learn more. She's an amazing teacher and made learning a completely new and challenging subject easy to understand.

Heather from Altadena, California

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Subject(s) Essay Writing, Spelling, Geometry, Drawing, ASL
Age Group Upper Elementary, Middle School

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