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Sharon has over 7,000 hours of experience teaching everything from English and music to neuroscience and philosophy. At Westmont, she graduated magna cum laude in psychology (with an emphasis in neuroscience) and minored in music, then received her master’s at Azusa Pacific University in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). Passionate about learning since she was a homeschooler herself, she loves to inspire natural curiosity in her students through personalized, interdisciplinary learning based on socratic discussions, cooperation, discovery, computer literacy, and project-based learning. Balancing fun with serious study, she fosters students’ natural curiosity and helps develop students into self-directed learners. Although it is hard for her to choose a favorite subject, Sharon typically focuses on teaching English, dance, science, language, and music. In addition to focusing on the main subject, her classes typically integrate a wide variety of topics, including science, history, philosophy, modern issues, languages, computer literacy, and others. Take, for example, a project-based writing class that incorporated architecture and science. Over the course of several weeks, the class did a research project where they created an informational pamphlet on colonizing Mars, wrote a letter to the “director of the Mars project” listing their scientific concerns based on their expertise (as a biologist, an engineer, etc.), presented an architectural design for a Mars colony, and designed a website to share their work. Especially with small classes, lessons often draw from students’ interests, build on their existing knowledge, and challenge them creatively and academically. Collaborating with parents and students to create personalized learning plans, Sharon enjoys creating new projects and classes that spark students’ imaginations. Through her classes, she helps students to explore their passions, collaborate respectfully with others, present their material in compelling ways, and become compassionate leaders. In her spare time, Sharon enjoys traveling, learning new languages, exploring the outdoors, gardening, making costumes, reading, and living out a musical by singing and dancing everywhere.


A very bright tutor, her style of teaching is captivating! Great Lesson! Sharon is a multi-talented young woman and has many gifts and talents to offer. She has a unique quality about her that is captivating. Since working with my son, who is in the eight grade, I have witnessed him gain confidence in subjects that were once overwhelming for him. His test scores have improved and he moves with a little more momentum. I especially appreciate her patience and creativity when teaching new concepts or subject matter. Sharon is very knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for learning is contagious! Sharon's style of teaching is effective and direct. I believe my son is becoming more self directed and will continue to see success through Sharon's teaching methods.

Melinda, 32 lessons with Sharon

A for AWESOME, exactly what we needed! I would not describe my son as the type who struggles at school. However, it is frustrating to see a final semester grade of 89% knowing that extra 1% plays a very important role in his overall GPA and with college admission. I decided to get my son a tutor to help him get over the "B" hill. Sharon was exactly what we were looking for, not only was she knowledgeable tutoring Biology, my son really appreciated her patience and making the subject more fun and interesting to learn. I also really appreciated the fact that Sharon is willing to work with our schedule. There were times where a last minute school activity did not allow us to keep our previously scheduled time, upon receiving my text Sharon contacted some of her other students and made the switch to allow my son to do both. A "BIG THANK YOU" Sharon from my son and I for helping him get an A in Biology this semester. I will definitely recommend Sharon to anyone who needs tutoring that is covered by her subject area.

Jeff, 125 lessons with Sharon

Excellent Tutor! Sharon is so very kind, patient and committed to her students. My son was recently diagnosed with ADHD, has a processing disorder and also recently had a minor head concussion that limited his ability to focus to top things off! Sharon sat with him for countless hours, sometimes giving up her days off for him! She asked very strategic questions that got him to cut through his confusing thought processes. My son was able to get his thoughts organized, able to write logically and creatively for his 10th grade English honors summer homework. They worked through three books and 9 journals in one month! I know it would have been impossible for my son to get this done by himself. My son also goes to a tutoring center in our area, but they were not able to provide him with the individual attention or effective strategies Sharon was able to! Sharon is very respectful and encouraging, using positive praise and cheering them on in such a nice way. Thank you soooo much! It was so much less stress for me! We will be continuing with Sharon the rest of this school year!

Jacob, 24 lessons with Sharon

Excellent tutor Sharon is an excellent tutor and has guided me in two of my writing classes. She has helped me in the brainstorming process, conceptualizing the prompts, developing and organizing my ideas, editing my paper, and helped me understand the importance of good note taking for research papers. Sharon has been punctual to all our meetings and I appreciate that she was able to accommodate her normal tutoring hours to a time more convenient for me. Sharon's teaches with such patience and enthusiasm I always walk out of the room more relieved than when I first walked in.

Andrea, 10 lessons with Sharon

Great Tutor! Sharon has been great working with my daughter. She makes it an enjoyable experience and provides simple explanations on how to remember and understand subject concepts. She has helped with a variety of subjects - Spanish, Chemistry and History. She provides a full range of understanding the lesson plan that makes my daughter feel good about her preparedness for her upcoming class assignments and/or tests.

Rhonda, 20 lessons with Sharon

Great multi topic tutor! Sharon has been tutoring my daughter for over a year now. She is a talented tutor that connects well with my daughter. As a bonus, Sharon is well versed in several high school topics such as biology, chemistry, english and history. My daughter really enjoys the time she spends with Sharon.

Marshall, 179 lessons with Sharon

Patient and talented. I have learned a lot from Sharon to improve my comprehensive English skills. She is patient and talented at tutoring. She knows how to help people gain confidence in learning English. I would like to keep on working with her and highly recommend her to anyone who needs a helpful tutor.

Brian, 56 lessons with Sharon

Great tutor. Highly recommended! I asked Sharon to proofread my personal history statement for a graduate program. She was very helpful. She offered me great tips and suggestions to improve my statement. She was also very responsive when I emailed or called her. I am very happy with my improved statement. I will definitely ask her again in the future.

Susan, 8 lessons with Sharon

Excellent tutor! Sharon is an excellent tutor in English, she has a lot of passion, is meticulous to detail and super fun to talk to.

Jonathan, 191 lessons with Sharon

Great tutor! Sharon helps my son with comprehending his algebra assignments by breaking down the problems into simple to understand steps, leading him to the correct solution. We appreciate her friendly demeanor and superb patience with our son as he works with her to fill the gaps in his knowledge left by his high school teacher.

Pat, 142 lessons with Sharon

Awesome. She was great my 8 year old loved her and she made him very comfortable and improved each week. She made each lesson fun for him and excited when he figured out a word he didn't know.

Christopher, 16 lessons with Sharon

Very supportive tutor. Sharon was very creative at teaching my sons how to improve in their study habits and projects. She was consistent, always on time, supportive, and positive. My sons responded very well to her techniques. In addition, she stayed on top of their projects and classes. We were very pleased with her.

Sharoon, 28 lessons with Sharon

Sharon was great in helping my daughter with writing her essay. She really worked with her in finding depth in her own personality. She was on time and very professional. She worked around her schedule to make sure she could accommodate ours. I would definitely refer her and/or use her again in the future.

Carey, 2 lessons with Sharon

Sharon is a very enthusiastic and patient tutor. She was able to explain Biology and Spanish in an easy understandable way for me. She was also able to quickly adjust to my learning style and provide clear explanations for some of the complex concepts I came across in my courses. For college students struggling with either Biology or Spanish, I highly recommend Sharon as your tutor!

Angel, 17 lessons with Sharon

We enjoyed working with Sharon. She was a great encouragement to my high school freshman daughter, who was at risk of failing a subject during the last quarter. She gave very practical assistance with homework and was positive and encouraging. She was fun but took her tutoring role seriously. Working with her helped my daughter finish the class well. We are very grateful for her help. Thank you, Sharon.

Kim, 14 lessons with Sharon

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Subject(s) Essay Writing, Creative Writing, IEW, Grammar, Spelling, Literature, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Grammar, Proofreading, Editing, Math Foundations, Elementary Math, Prealgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Psychology, Philosophy, Drawing, ESL, EFL, Music Theory, Piano, Vocals, Choir, Sewing, Life Skills, Public Speaking, GRE, SAT, SSAT, biblical studies, study skills
Age Group Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, College

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