Tom Hyatt

Creative Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Literature

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About Me

I received my B.A in 1998 from UCSD. After several years working in nonprofit arts education for Playwrights Project—teaching playwriting and acting at all grade levels, I returned to school in 2003 to achieve my Masters in Education and to secure a Secondary teaching credential. Since 2007 I have worked for Aveson Charter Schools, both as a classroom teacher and as a Coordinator. My role as Activities Coordinator and Global Studies Coordinator afforded me opportunities to design and implement travel experiences for students and staff and to foster community involvement. I also have served as the Electives Coordinator for 6 years, and have offered courses to students such as Film Making, Film Analysis, Journalism, Playwriting, Acting, Global Studies, History, and multiple sports, as well.

Additional Information

Subject(s) Creative Writing, Grammar, Spelling, Literature, Reading, Reading Comprehension,Photography,Drama, Improv, Acting, Screenwriting, Playwriting. Film Making, Life Skills, Public Speaking, Debate
Age Group Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School

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