About us

Advanced Life Education is a thoughtful and purposeful approach to helping parents and guardians provide the best educational experience for their student. All of our online classes are taught by caring teachers who are committed to teaching with an individualized, student centric approach.

Character development and compassion are woven into every subject because we believe as students increase in their emotional intelligence they will thrive more academically. The research supports that as emotional resilience increases so does academic performance. We love students of all ages, we passionately believe in helping the whole student not just academically but also equipping them with the personal leadership skills necessary to navigate and succeed through life's inevitable challenges. At Advanced Life Education we celebrate each students unique learning style.

All of our online classes are qualified for charter funds. Click here for a list of our cooperating charter schools. If your student belongs to a charter not listed please email info@adlifeedu.com and we will contact them immediately.

If you have any questions or feedback please contact our team directly by calling (916) 337-3046 or sending us an email at info@adlifeedu.com.