Biochemistry - General

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Starts Feb. 19, 2021
Cost $200
Prorated Cost $133
Grades 7-12
Meets Once a week for 6 weeks on Friday
Time 11:30AM - 12:25PM PST

Class Description

Description: (6 classes) We will learn about the chemical reactions within living organisms. Combining biology and chemistry , we will look at the biochemistry of the cell, metabolism, and genetics.

*Slide show and notes will be posted in Google Classroom. A quiz will be posted for each lesson to be completed at home, using the posted materials. Additionally, there will be a short weekly question for students to respond to. After they post their reply, they will respond to another classmate’s post.

All material will be supplied by the teacher through Google Classroom.

  1. Class #1 - Molecular components of cells Part 1 - Chemistry as a basis of biological phenomena, water, pH, amino acids, & proteins 
  2. Class #2 - Molecular components of cells Part 2 - Nucleotides, nucleic acids, recombinant DNA (cloning/chimeric genes)
  3. Class #3 - Molecular components of cells Part 3 - Lipids, membranes, carbohydrates, & cell surfaces
  4. Class #4 - Enzymes
  5. Class #5 - Cellular Energetics - Thermodynamics of biological systems, ATP & energy-rich compounds
  6. Class #6 - Metabolism and Its Regulation - overview, glycolysis, energy producing pathways

Additional Information

Class size 4-12 students
Supplies Instructor will provide materials to print or view as a PDF

About the Instructor

Heather Vargas

Heather Vargas has 25 years experience in teaching, 19 of those homeschooling her 5 children. Two are in college now - the first is pursuing degrees in physics and global studies at UC Berkeley and the second is studying political science and psychology at San Diego State, while the youngest ones are still homeschooled. Having attended UCLA for undergraduate and graduate school and earning a degree in molecular and cellular biology, science and math are a specialty. After many years of creating and teaching her own homeschool curriculum, she is able to supply and teach curriculum in all subjects.


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