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Intro to Coding: Python

I'm available for private online lessons!

Class Schedule

Starts Feb. 10, 2021
Cost $110
Grades 6-12
Meets Once a week for 4 weeks on Wednesday
Time 1:00PM - 1:55PM PST

Class Description

There will be no assigned homework. Students are welcome to take notes, but will only be required to keep track of their Python files for the class.

Additional Information

Class size 2-6 students
Supplies Students will need to purchase the following items

Please Download and install Thonny IDE:

About the Instructor

Eric Lin

Hello, My name is Eric Lin. I have been teaching programming and robotics classes for the last four years, since graduating from UCLA with a bachelors in physics in 2016. I like to conduct my classroom like a laboratory and allow students to discover through experimenting, often failing before success comes. I want to give students an environment where they have the freedom to fail, and emphasize the process more than the result. I am comfortable with all ages, having taught kindergarten all the way through high school. In my spare time I like to stay active and enjoy: hiking, swimming, camping and rock climbing.


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