A-G & HS Electives

Biology (Semester 1): The Cell in a Nutshell

4-10 students A-G & HS Electives Biology Cell Biology General Life Science

We will study the structure and function of the cell in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. This class will include the structure of the cell as well as cell cycle and cellular communication.

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Class Description

We will study cell structure and function, DNA, RNA, chromosomes, cell growth, transcription, translation, cell cycle regulation, & cancer.

Course Objectives:

  • Outline the structure of the biomolecules found in all living organisms.
  • Describe the function and structure of cells including the metabolic reactions that occur in cells.
  • Explain the process of inheritance.
  • Describe how RNA, DNA and proteins are synthesized.
  • Explain the process of cell division in both somatic and germ cells.
  • Explain the processes by which animals acquire nutrients, water and oxygen, eliminate wastes, protect against foreign substances, acquire information about their environment and reproduce.
  • Generate a hypothesis from a set of observations and then design experiments to test the hypothesis.

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Class size 4-10 students

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About the Instructor

Heather Vargas

Heather Vargas has 25 years experience in teaching, 19 of those homeschooling her 5 children. Two are in college now - the first is pursuing degrees in physics and global studies at UC Berkeley and the second is studying political science and psychology at San Diego State, while the youngest ones are still homeschooled. Having attended UCLA for undergraduate and graduate school and earning a degree in molecular and cellular biology, science and math are a specialty. After many years of creating and teaching her own homeschool curriculum, she is able to supply and teach curriculum in all subjects.

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