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Algebra I

Studio 37: Algebra 1 - Informational Meeting for Parents, Guardians, & Charter Schools

Studio 37 Algebra 1

When Dr. George Cheung created Studio 37: Algebra 1, his goal was to help his special needs students meet their goal of successfully completing high school. Little did he know that his students would soon score higher on their standardized math tests than the general population at their high school. This innovative and technology rich program, which has been recognized by WASC, Apple, the California Department of Education, the Los Angeles County Office of Education, and multiple universities, took him throughout the country to present at teachers' conferences.  Studio 37: Algebra 1 is offered exclusively on AdLife by our highly experienced and caring Home School Coaches.  

Starting April 30, 2021 @ 3:30PM PST
Grades: 9-12

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