Josie Leung

Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Piano

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Josie started piano lessons when she was three years old and has not stopped learning. Music has served her in many ways, teaching her the value of perseverance, giving her an outlet for expression, encouraging her through different seasons of life, and providing a platform for connecting with individuals and cultures. It is her joy to open these opportunities to her students. She believes everyone is inherently musical and everyone has a voice. Her goal as a piano and general music teacher is to help each student discover their own musical voice. Josie interacts with several music teaching communities to stay current with today’s learning tools and keep lessons engaging. Creative expression is taught from the beginning so students can develop a habit of thoughtful interpretation from their hearts that deepens their reproduction of music notation on a page. Group settings secure music foundations and keyboard technique through team work, while developing a discerning ear for independent self-assessment in the future. Games and activities solidify music theory concepts. Ensemble work helps students strengthen aural discernment, arrangement skills, and music appreciation. Solo repertoire provides each student a regular opportunity to play for others without the pressure of a formal performance.


I love how creative and flexible you are! You understand that each child learns and appreciates music in different ways.

Michala from Burbank, California

She is very excited about playing the piano, and it’s all due to your style, your patience and being so good with her.

Danny from Arcadia, California

They seriously think they’re coming here for a play date when they come for piano lessons.

Queenie from San Gabriel, California

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Subject(s) Music Theory, Music Appreciation, Piano
Age Group Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, College

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