Leanne Golliher

Creative Writing, IEW, Grammar, Spelling

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Coach Profile

Leanne Golliher was born and raised in Australia. After homeschooling her own four children for 21 years, she is now retired from homeschooling. Leanne now enjoys sharing her knowledge and passions with homeschool students through tutoring. Leanne recorded many of her experiences in her recently self-published book, "The Heart of Homeschooling - the Memoirs of a Homeschool Mom", available on Amazon. Creatively, she enjoys finding hands-on ways to make learning more memorable and interesting.

Additional Information

Subject(s) Creative Writing, IEW, Grammar, Spelling, Literature, Reading, Reading Comprehension, Handwriting, Sewing, Bookclub, Geography, History, Painting
Age Group Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, High School, College, Adults

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