Lynn Ann Hayes

Lynn was a professional theatre director in Chicago (including at the prestigious Goodman Theatre) and Los Angeles (including at International City Theatre in Long Beach), and also directed youth at both the elementary grade and college level before becoming a mom. She homeschooled her children through their early years and since 2017 has enjoyed teaching other people's kids! Lynn has a passion for the classics, especially Shakespeare (her two kids have Shakespearean names)! Whether it is teaching acting, literary analysis, history, or creative writing inspired by Shakespeare, Lynn firmly believes that Shakespeare is fun for everyone, no matter what your age. Whatever level you are at, that is where you will be met and supported. Lynn holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Pittsburgh, where she also worked for the Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival. Outside of teaching, one of Lynn's favorite things to do is to explore our National Parks with her family.

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Subject(s): Theatre

Age Group(s): 3rd grade through 8th grade



Friday: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

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